What A Former Walmart Employee Wants You To Know

For those thinking of working at Walmart, these tips and secrets are for you.

It might sound ridiculous, but a part of me was sad when I had to leave my gig at Walmart. I never planned to stay forever, but for the time I spent working at Walmart, I learned a lot. I even began to love it.

When I applied for a part-time job on the Walmart website, I didn’t think much of it. I’d been out of work for more than a month and my unemployment checks weren’t covering rent. The location was just a few miles from my apartment, so I thought working there part-time would be an easy way to earn a paycheck. Plus, I’d read that Walmart offers benefits, including health care and a 401(k), for both its full- and part-time employees.

It turns out, I learned a lot during my time there. Skip the headache and follow these tips to bring you instant success!

1Never say it’s “slow” or “dead” near your boss

I got caught for this on my first week. The minute you suggest there isn’t enough work, your boss will throw 20 useless tasks at you. And guess what? They’re the tasks that no one else wants. Save yourself the hassle and enjoy the quiet times when they come (and they will).